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Innovation Technology Consulting Firm

Let us help your business scale, in many forms. Be it Cloud Architecturing services to allow automatic load scalibility, or cross-platform software development increasing your potential customer base. Unlike major consulting firms, we pride ourselves in the specific skills, determination and expertise of our consultants.

We offer businesses and corporations highly specialized advice that addresses specific problems and provide services suitable to technology businesses. We aim to improve each client company's efficiency and profits.


Reach simplicity with less abstractions and fewer lines of code. We live Agile Software Development.


Unafraid to ask the hard questions to ultimately help your project or organisation succeed.


Planning for change. On-site assitance followed up by long term support if needed to succeed.


Remote working done well. Make timezone differences work for you by utilizing our worldwide consultants.

Our Services and Open-Source Technology Specialties

Open Source Software has won. We apply, develop and contribute to several projects daily.
Using Open Source software prevents vendor lock-in, often being more cost effective than closed-source competitors.
Contributing to Open Source projects is a proven method to attract talent and can double as marketing and positive PR for your enterprise.

Internet Scale Data

Today’s users place high expectations of your web services: always available, low response times, while handling large volumes.
Our experience in; and deep knowledge of how this new breed of real-time distributed data systems are effectively implemented, can make your enterprise scale to new heights.


Apache Cassandra


Apache Kafka

Cross-platform Development

Users have come to expect more than a mere web presense: your services available on any (mobile) device.
The last decade has seen an explosion of new devices designed, produced and in use everyday.
We can help you thrive in today’s reality with cost-effective Cross-Platform development services.





Immutable Infrastructure Automation & DevOps

We can help you automate deployment and scaling of your applications.
Automation ensures fast turn-around times and drastically reduces the chance of human error in deploying critical updates.

NixOS & Disnix

Docker & Jenkins


Java (JVM) App Servers

Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss Immutant, ...

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